Commemorating the thirtieth anniversary of Daphne Du Maurier's death, this international interdisciplinary colloquium – the first of its kind in France – will honour a writer with a fascinating biography and will shine as much light as possible on her original and multiform (and often enigmatic) works.
28-29 Jun 2019 Le Mans (France)


You can download the submission guidelines here (in Word format).


Proposals for 20-minute presentations, in English or French, should be posted on the Sciencesconf site devoted to the colloquium. (To create a Sciencesconf account, simply fill out the fields on the Sciencesconf "Create your account" page.)

They must respect the following format:

  1. full name ;
  2. institution and laboratory affiliation ;
  3. provisional title of the talk ;
  4. text of the proposal (300-350 words) ;
  5. bio-bibliographic note (a single paragraph indicating research themes and a few major publications by the presenter [100-120 words]) ;
  6. indicative bibliography (list of 7-8 main works to be referenced in the talk).


Researchers interested in this colloquium may contact Xavier Lachazette, at


6 January 2019 is the deadline for proposals. A reply will be sent at the end of January 2019.

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