Commemorating the thirtieth anniversary of Daphne Du Maurier's death, this international interdisciplinary colloquium – the first of its kind in France – will honour a writer with a fascinating biography and will shine as much light as possible on her original and multiform (and often enigmatic) works.
Le Mans (France)

Scientific Committee

Redouane ABOUEDDAHAB (3LAM, Le Mans)

Nicole CLOAREC (LIDILE, Rennes 1)

Anne HALL (independent researcher)

Fiona HANDYSIDE (Centre for Interdisciplinary Film Research, Exeter)

Xavier LACHAZETTE (3LAM, Le Mans)

Delphine LETORT (3LAM, Le Mans)

Christine REYNIER (EMMA, Montpellier)

Michelle RYAN-SAUTOUR (CIRPaLL, Angers)

Karima THOMAS (CIRPaLL, Angers)

Taina TUHKUNEN (3LAM, Angers)

Emmanuel VERNADAKIS (CIRPaLL, Angers)

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