Commemorating the thirtieth anniversary of Daphne Du Maurier's death, this international interdisciplinary colloquium – the first of its kind in France – will honour a writer with a fascinating biography and will shine as much light as possible on her original and multiform (and often enigmatic) works.
Le Mans (France)

Institutional Supports

3LAM: "Langues, littératures et linguistique des universités d'Angers et du Mans", Le Mans Université & Université d'Angers

CIRPaLL: "Centre interdisciplinaire de recherche sur les patrimoines en lettres et langues", Université d'Angers

ENSFR: "European Network for Short Fiction Research"

LIDILE: "Linguistique, ingénierie et didactique des langues", Rennes 2

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